Friday, 14 September 2007

finally... :)

its been almost 2 months since i posted something over ere.. i have been really caught up with things and this hasn't really give me any chance to update the blog. over the past 2 months,i manage to find a transitional job at a telemarketing company. Being as bored as i was at home, i thought i might as well get a job whilst finding for a proper job. Its pretty ironic that i went back into sales and telemarketing for that. i always hated the idea of forcing someone to do what i want regardless of what it was. it defeats the term freewill. be it so, that the customers are the decision makers,at the end of the day telemarketers are the ones who put thoughts into their head. ah well.. the job pays and keeps me occupied so i guess i shouldn't be complaining :D

Anyways,my girlfriend left last week to continue her studies. A country that is more well known for its gun wielding gangsters, poor economy and Shevchenko than an actual education hub. Im not gonna get sappy and emo rite now. For those don't really know me,i m not really that much of a "feeling" kinda guy :P I just hope she's safe over there and that all is well.

Also last week,i graduated from my University. It was an interesting experience. Beats any prize giving ceremony that i have ever been during my school days. plus, my friends who were waiting outside made sure that it would be an experience that i would never forget. I was thrown in the air by them, which is a common tradition instead of throwing the mortar head. Though it was scary that i might fall flat on the hard ground, i felt very "uplifted" of my spirits (pun intended)

overall,this is all i have to spare at this moment of time. i'll try to update as often as possible from now on..

making sure i took out my belongings

..and we have lift off...

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