Friday, 1 July 2016

Sometimes.. having nothing to say is ok but not saying anything for 5 years...? not so much.. I have to make up something out of this..

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Transformers : Dark of the Moon Review

Well, its finally here. The movie that i have been waiting for probably a good half a year.. I managed to catch the first show at TGV 1st Avenue here in Penang. It was so exciting that it was only thing i was talking about. When the movie started, it showed Cybertron in 3D, and that was simply amazing.. the level of details that you can see in that 1 scene is astounding. This movie is visually stunning. All the slow mo, the hero shots and 3D weld together to become a feast for your eyes. Action was out of this world.
As a transformers fan, i was satisfied.
But as a movie fan, i am slightly disappointed. Michael Bay's formula for a movie has remained unchanged for so many years. Big explosions, hot chicks, create a dire situation and bring in the hero at the very end to save the day.
There are some things i feel could have been improved but most notably, as a Transformers fan, these are my complaints.
a) Don't give Optimus a weapon cache if he's only goin to use a fraction of it.
I was so excited to see the Optimus having the trailer especially when he used the flight pack. I just hope that he used more of it.
b) More screen time for SHOCKWAVE and Soundwave, Shockwave was the only villain who had a truly evil presence in the whole movie. Megatron was more like a crippled villain's father who tagged along for the party.
c) Soundwave was a car, A CAR! How did he go from being a radio in G1, to being satellite in Revenge of the Fallen to being a Mercedes SLS AMG in Dark of the Moon is beyond me..
d) the ending was abrupt, sure good guys won, optimus delivers his monologue but fade away la.. ish
e) rosie huntington-whitely... i missed megan fox in the movie :(

Having said all that, here are some things i liked (if its mentioned here, then i extra liked it) :P ;
a) Barricade is back albeit for a very short time. Nice to tie loose ends from the first movie eh?
b) The highway chase scene.. all of it.. from the beginning when the decepticons chase till the end where Ironhide finishes them off
c) despite being a lil messy with so many action sequences at the end, it was truly enjoyable. gave me goosebumps watching them :P
d) the human element was funny and was a nice filler..

I have a feeling i will update this post later but till then, here's an awesome looking pic of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee;

Friday, 17 June 2011

LOTR: what if?? :D


This is some funny stuff.. i really hope the GIF works though... watch it fully :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Transfomers: Dark of the Moon

Sure, it seems like i only blog when a transformers movie comes out :)
Dark of the Moon or Transformers 3 is the latest and supposedly the last of the trilogy. Apparently, Michael Bay and Shia Le"Beef" want to move on...
When i first heard the title, i had the same feeling when i heard the title Attack of the Clones. B-Grade for highly anticipated movie.. really hope Bay doesn't screw it up.
When the trailer came out, it looks good but somehow not good enough. Well, in the trailer you get to see sentinel prime, shockwave, the ark and even the space bridge being opened right next to washington monument. i am not trying to drive a point here. in a way,i am actually glad that the trailer is slightly underwhelming cause that usually translates that they are saving the good parts for the movie..hopefully..

i have big hopes for this movie and will be catching the first show when its released on june 30th (we get to watch it before the americans again :) )

p.s. besides transformers, a fairy sorta inspired me to blog again.. here's to you.. you know who you are :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wolverine... was disappointing..

This post is probably long overdue but I’m going to go ahead with it anyways. I watched wolverine when it came out with expectations. Now i have had the chance to watch the leaked version but after watching a couple of seconds of it, I decided against it to avoid ruining my movie experience. This is the first of xmen origins movie set to be released. it’s going to be followed up xmen origins: magneto even though no news of that is coming up. The movie started out well.. the death of logan's father and the montage of wolverine and sabretooth going through all the 4 major wars in American history was pretty good.. but even through that montage.. something seemed a lil amiss but i couldn't quite put my finger on it.. as the movie progressed.. the action scenes coming and the story unfolding.. i noticed that the movie was draggy and the action scenes very uninspired... the special effects seemed like they rushed it to the fact that it seemed fake.. i am not trying to someone who insists that everything has to be the same as the comic itself (cause i understand that the transition to movie requires changes) but changing deadpool to optic beam shooting, teleporting and mute is just not acceptable. sure the movie is about WOLVERINE but really.. can't they give wade more screen time then say wraith or blob.. i appreciate inserting gambit into the picture but he was just more of a filler character and seemed out of place most of the time.. all in all, for all the hype and expectations it carried.. It failed.. Now I might be a minority with this but this is how i feel..

Thursday, 30 April 2009

GI Joe

Plus d'infos sur ce film

Now most of you would have probably watched the super bowl ad for the movie GI Joe. This is the longer version and seems more on the theatrical length version. It looks promising but the tagline that they used on both trailers is a little lame. I mean when all else fails, we won't. Doesn't sound bad ass at all.. but I guess that doesn't matter since the action sequence looks promising :) We will just have to wait and see.

latest update?

heyo.. Been a really long time since i updated this.. it’s all the way back in November of last year.. Been really preoccupied with "stuff" :) anyways, i started this blog about the time when transformers was released. I was unemployed then, had loads of time in between sending out job applications and was mostly spending time on the internet. Now the second one; Transformers: the revenge of the fallen is coming soon on June 26th. While the new theatrical trailer has confirmed the return of Megatron in a new vehicle form, the main villain this time around would be Starscream and also the Fallen. There are lots more robots this time around, along with a classic bad-turn-good robot as well (seems like almost all stories have one of those these days; ie- Vegeta in Dragonball, Dinobot in Beast Wars, Baran from Dragon Quest and Hiei from Yuyu Hakusho). Bumblebee seems to have lost its ability to talk again. the use of Scorponok score half way through the trailer is awesome especially since I’ve been obsessing about the song for the last couple of months :) quick side note, try listening to the song backwards ;) i still don't see fallen within the trailer even though Ben insists that’s him in the desert scene where he attacks a troop of army men. Devastator looks awesome. by the way, the dude on the uniwheel rolling around the city isn’t devastator. its just the torso. Watch the trailer till the end for devastator or refer to the picture below. I am not going to say much here as the trailer pretty much does it for me. At the time of this entry, the new theatrical trailer is only exclusively available in yahoo movies. Watch it in Firefox for best viewing quality.



Click here for the movie trailer