Saturday, 11 June 2011

Transfomers: Dark of the Moon

Sure, it seems like i only blog when a transformers movie comes out :)
Dark of the Moon or Transformers 3 is the latest and supposedly the last of the trilogy. Apparently, Michael Bay and Shia Le"Beef" want to move on...
When i first heard the title, i had the same feeling when i heard the title Attack of the Clones. B-Grade for highly anticipated movie.. really hope Bay doesn't screw it up.
When the trailer came out, it looks good but somehow not good enough. Well, in the trailer you get to see sentinel prime, shockwave, the ark and even the space bridge being opened right next to washington monument. i am not trying to drive a point here. in a way,i am actually glad that the trailer is slightly underwhelming cause that usually translates that they are saving the good parts for the movie..hopefully..

i have big hopes for this movie and will be catching the first show when its released on june 30th (we get to watch it before the americans again :) )

p.s. besides transformers, a fairy sorta inspired me to blog again.. here's to you.. you know who you are :)

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Cheryl said...

Now that I can comment, I don't actually know what to say..except..erm, who's the fairy la? :P