Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wolverine... was disappointing..

This post is probably long overdue but I’m going to go ahead with it anyways. I watched wolverine when it came out with expectations. Now i have had the chance to watch the leaked version but after watching a couple of seconds of it, I decided against it to avoid ruining my movie experience. This is the first of xmen origins movie set to be released. it’s going to be followed up xmen origins: magneto even though no news of that is coming up. The movie started out well.. the death of logan's father and the montage of wolverine and sabretooth going through all the 4 major wars in American history was pretty good.. but even through that montage.. something seemed a lil amiss but i couldn't quite put my finger on it.. as the movie progressed.. the action scenes coming and the story unfolding.. i noticed that the movie was draggy and the action scenes very uninspired... the special effects seemed like they rushed it to the fact that it seemed fake.. i am not trying to someone who insists that everything has to be the same as the comic itself (cause i understand that the transition to movie requires changes) but changing deadpool to optic beam shooting, teleporting and mute is just not acceptable. sure the movie is about WOLVERINE but really.. can't they give wade more screen time then say wraith or blob.. i appreciate inserting gambit into the picture but he was just more of a filler character and seemed out of place most of the time.. all in all, for all the hype and expectations it carried.. It failed.. Now I might be a minority with this but this is how i feel..

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Annusalya said...

Sigh ... I actually loved the movie, but now that you've pin-pointed disappointing details, it makes more sense.. But then again, it was entertaining and that's anyway why most go to cinemas =)