Thursday, 30 April 2009

latest update?

heyo.. Been a really long time since i updated this.. it’s all the way back in November of last year.. Been really preoccupied with "stuff" :) anyways, i started this blog about the time when transformers was released. I was unemployed then, had loads of time in between sending out job applications and was mostly spending time on the internet. Now the second one; Transformers: the revenge of the fallen is coming soon on June 26th. While the new theatrical trailer has confirmed the return of Megatron in a new vehicle form, the main villain this time around would be Starscream and also the Fallen. There are lots more robots this time around, along with a classic bad-turn-good robot as well (seems like almost all stories have one of those these days; ie- Vegeta in Dragonball, Dinobot in Beast Wars, Baran from Dragon Quest and Hiei from Yuyu Hakusho). Bumblebee seems to have lost its ability to talk again. the use of Scorponok score half way through the trailer is awesome especially since I’ve been obsessing about the song for the last couple of months :) quick side note, try listening to the song backwards ;) i still don't see fallen within the trailer even though Ben insists that’s him in the desert scene where he attacks a troop of army men. Devastator looks awesome. by the way, the dude on the uniwheel rolling around the city isn’t devastator. its just the torso. Watch the trailer till the end for devastator or refer to the picture below. I am not going to say much here as the trailer pretty much does it for me. At the time of this entry, the new theatrical trailer is only exclusively available in yahoo movies. Watch it in Firefox for best viewing quality.



Click here for the movie trailer

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