Sunday, 12 October 2008


have you ever had a case of restlessness...? this can also be known as agitation.. it happens when you are a little free or doing something normally but you will have a strange sense of anticipation towards something big. you get nervous for no reason, your heart starts beating faster and you even find it difficult to breathe. You try to move around hoping to shake it off but it stays with you.. this may not be a serious medical thing but the entire scenario of not being able to relax despite whatever you do is just a big hassle :S
i have episodes like this having one right now.i have no idea why i am so tensed or restless but it feels weird. i tried calling my sayang thinking im just missing her way too much then i remembered its still 8am in the mornin where she is at and she'd probably be rushing to class.. i walked around a bit to shake it off but it didnt work.. i cant focus on work all of a sudden and even a call i did to a customer didnt help.. im writing this post in the hopes of mellowing it down a bit but im starting to freak myself out :s

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Manipulative Mind said...

dude...u need to get back to the MOB at the 24th floor...

chill,,,its just a phase,,,