Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Alternate Ending

I have been a fan of the Matrix since it first came out in the year 1999. It just showed a whole new concept in cinematography and the way everyone defined action. After the Matrix came out, everyone started using the bullet time and by the time the sequels came out, it was overused..
The beauty of the matrix was the concepts in which the story goes. It had a hint of religion (which is more prominent in the Animatrix), it had a eerie possibility of the entire scenario (even though, its fiction), the entire fashion sense of wearing black and looking cool (although, everything had a green shade to it) and finally the messiah of the freedom fighters who has super powers :)
While most people disliked the sequels, they were quite good. However, I couldn’t say the same thing about the ending. The entire hero sacrificing himself doesn't work for me (even though, I am one who usually roots for the villains). After some time, a game called the Path of Neo came out.. This came out for more than a year now but i only the privilege of seeing a week back.
The ending in this game was changed from that of the movie. I think it suited more to the story but the whole concept of a Megasmith didn't quite come out well..
Still it does look cool enough for an ending of a game :)

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