Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sushi buffet

I have always wondered how a sushi buffet was. The closest to a sushi that i have tasted was the ones that was available in Carrefour and some food court but even while eating them, it just didn’t taste right. Last weekend, my elder brother was going with his friends to the Equatorial for a sushi buffet. Since i had nothing else planned for the day, i decided to tag along and try it out myself. We arrived at the Hotel Equatorial at about 11.30am. Being that, it is a buffet, we decided to come earlier for a taste of everything :)
The buffet held at the Kampachi restaurant. It had a nice setting. The ambience, the kimono clad ladies and the overall feel to it was alright. We started off with fresh orange juice. Then we went for the sushi bar, i took a couple of raw fishes cut in a rectangular shape. It looked ok but it left a bad aftertaste in my tongue, most probably due to the fact that it is raw. I am probably not used to it yet..
The half cooked sushi on the other hand was splendid. Dipping it in wasabi laced with soya sauce, gave a new taste which i definitely liked. The sashimi and California rolls were good as well. It’s far much better than the crap that we get in food court :)
We later tried the Teppanyaki dish. I took the chicken and salmon. There was much difference in the way the chef fried the dishes until he melted the garlic butter and mixed with a sauce of some sort. The chicken was fried like normal but the salmon was done to perfection.

There were some other dishes as well. Like the chawa mushi which is like egg pudding like thing and tempura prawns which isn't worth mentioning. The rest of the meals were ok but we kind finished it off early. Sushi buffet was nice but I’d probably go for another one to compare later on...

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