Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I went for a game of paintball on Monday. It was considered a company outing since its all paid for. I was pretty excited cause i have always wanted to try out this activity and just never got the chance since it was more of a group event. Considering we are in a generation of CounterStrike playing kids, I am sure i speak for most of us that this is one game that we would all like to experience at least once :)

The game of paintball is much like CS round, only instead of shooting bullets, u shoot paintballs pellets. And yes,its all real and not cyberspace shooting. The paintball gun shoots pellets by using air from a gas canister which is attached to the base of the gun. The gun will have pellets holder for ammunition and the main frame is made to look like a real gun. It has its own safety button much like a safety release of a real gun. When not in "combat", the gun's nozzle would also be covered by a "sock".
Safety is pretty important too. We were given a goggle which is more like an helmet with a visor. We were expected to wear long sleeved t-shirt, long pants and sports shoes for the game. There is also the option for a vest and overalls that u can rent but most of us just opted not too.
The game is pretty simple. Shoot the opposing team and get rid of all of them. One shot is all it takes for a person to be eliminated but the shot has to burst and leave a mark. If it were to bounce off, you are still very much in the game. The other way to win the game is by touching the goal line of the opposing team without being shot once. The field itself is filled with bunkers in which you can use as a cover.
I managed to play a couple of rounds as there were quite a number of us and we had to take turns going in. The game was fun and even though it was scorching hot under the afternoon sun, we were all having the time of our lives. While i did manage to inflict a few headshots and eliminate people, i was shot at my arm during the last round. It felt like someone were to slap my arm but otherwise,i wasn't bothered about it. However later on, i noticed that it left a red mark, kinda like a bruise. The shot wasn't close range so it was not that bad but it did cause a blood clot. Even so, its one helluva of a game and i am looking forward to playing it again :)

-Bruised arm :)

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