Friday, 14 March 2008

My Kommuter woes

well.. its been way too long since i update this thing.. a lot has happened since then, elections,memorable valentine's day, champions league has reached the quarterfinal stage, starcraft 2 has finally unveiled zerg and im at halfway thru march...
i really havent been able to catch up with most movies these days. Not really in the mood to go out and all. My elder brother says im fast becoming an old man who just works and stays at home afterwards. maybe thats true but i just dont see a valid point to travel all the way from bangi to KL just to watch a movie. I have enough travelling as it is and with a service like KTM Komuter, it is just a process that i'd rather avoid..
KTM Komuter is by far the worst transit service that I have used in my life. Since i use it on a daily basis, I can tell u how bad it is. Don't get me wrong, I love public transportation. We would beat the hassle of a traffic jam and it seems more relaxing and economical. However the KTM Komuter service especially the one from Rawang to Seremban line is by the far the worst that I have had to use in my life. I have used Rapid KL system (formerly knowns as PUTRA LRT and STAR LRT) as well monorails and ERL. KTM Komuter ranks the lowest in terms of efficiency and punctuality. I have lost count on the number of times i have waited at a station for an hour. I have been in packed trains that doesn't have a working air conditioning system. People always seem to complain that Rapid KL is bad but they have the decency to make for their mistakes. If a station within the Rapid KL system was packed, an empty train would be released specifically to reduce the crowd. I have seen two extra trains in one scheduled time to accommodate the crowd size. In KTM Komuter, if a train was late, a simple PA system announcer would inform of the delay and how long it would take. This delay would probably get longer as time goes. By the end of the hour, the train would arrive and it would be super packed. KTM seems to be under impression that an additional train 5 minutes is enough to clear the crowd that as accumulated over the hour. When the train eventually does come,it is hot and stuffy. This is not because of the crowd but more towards the quality of the air con and poor air circulation within the train compartment.
KTM Komuter also seems to have a policy that on a public holiday, the first two train schedule would be canceled. Somehow, this has been condoned by most since they don't require the service. The KTM service is almost never punctual. I would understand the delays have something to do with the intercity railway that shares the same line as the Seremban-Rawang line but careful planning of schedule and allocation of usage by the intercity railway during off peak hours would do wonders to the system. For god's sake, the Komuter is almost surely to be late if it should be raining that day due to "technical difficulties".
Im not sure if KTM Komuter has a tag line or a motto that they strive on but if there were any, it should like one of the following;

-KTM Komuter:Screwing your timing,daily
-KTM Komuter:Your punctuality is our least concern
-KTM Komuter:Moving you forward,slower
-KTM Komuter:Hot,sweaty and stuffy

KTM Komuter had better buck up their service. its disgraceful for the price of the tickets that they charge. I'd be sending a copy of this letter to the STAR soon in hopes that this problem can be rectified and solved.. Im just crossing my fingers till then.. peace out people :)

The source of my delays

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