Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Starcraft 2 Zerg

Zerg for Starcraft 2 has finally been unveiled.. Being a big fan of the Zerg race, I was wondering what took them so long when the Terrans and Protoss have unveiled most of the units including buildings and heroes..

Zerg really looks even stronger than the Starcraft 1 days. The Infestors can burrow and move underground.It reminded me of the Flaming Tongue Tank from Tiberian Sun.
The Queen looks totally different and has attributes that mirrors the Hatchery since it actually comes with 2 levels of mutation. The Queen is the Zerg's answer to the Terran's Thor and the Protoss' Mothership. While races seem balanced, the zerg definitely hold an advantage in attack by sheer numbers. Watching zerglings and banelings decimate enemy defense line which have single units which are far more superior in strength, is satisfying. The in game video of the zerg gives us a insight of what to expect but it would have been better with a commentary track. The Zerg unveiling video clip was ok but Blizzard have changed the voice for Kerrigan and the unit animation of the video clip looks more like an in game sequence graphic. This was a bit disappointing since Blizzard are well known for their cinematics sequence which have exceptional quality. I am not that pleased with they way Infested Kerrigan looks now. The interesting thing about Kerrigan in the first Starcraft was the human element that seemed to be there beneath all those evil and zerg infestation. Hopefully, it will be reverted back to the look she sported on the "tychus findlay" trailer or the one featured on the artwork trailer..
All in all, i am realy looking forward to this game and planning to upgrade my pc just for this purpose :)

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