Wednesday, 25 July 2007

my 2nd update.. :)

I have wrote about Brazil's progress in Copa America in the past weeks. I stopped right about the time where they finished the group stages. Brazil then progressed to the finals in which they beat Argentina 3-0. This is tremendous win in my eyes considering Brazil just scraped through to the finals on penalties in the semi-final stage against Uruguay whereas Argentina recorded a very convincing victory against Mexico at the same stage. The Argentinians were hot favourites to win the Copa America this time based on their performance on the way to the final, displaying the fluency and flair of a truly strong team. Unfortunately, Brazil whom managed to beat the jinx of penalties, went on to win the final. You see, usually when a team qualifies to the next round on penalties won't really win it. I don't really know the cause but fatigue and mental tiredness might be most possible for this problem. In the Copa America final, the brazillian team which comprised of mostly players whom have only played a few times together manage to get the right team chemistry at the right time. With players like Juan, Julio Baptista, Daniel Alves and Robinho playing the game of their lives, it was all set and done after the 2nd goal itself (even though,it was an own goal by Ayala). Im truly happy about the win and being defending champions and beating Argies twice in a row in the same competition makes all the more sweeter :D

Julio Baptista celebrates after scoring the first goal which begs the question,
"why run?" ;)

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