Thursday, 26 July 2007

My boredom game..

I have not been a fan of flash games especially those that require button mashing. you know like the para para dance machine thing on the Playstation or the PC for that matter. However, about a month ago, i was bored enough to go to and whilst i was browsing through the list of games,i came across this game called Up Beat. This game had all the characteristics of a the earlier genre of games. The colour, the fast beat music, the timing in which the buttons are suppose to be pressed and even the combo collecting. Surprisingly, i found the game rather likeable. I mean suer i have played games with 3D rendered graphics and amazing surround quality sound but this game was simple enough to play when one is bored. Its reminiscent of the good old Pac Man games. You just guide the dude's movement without having to worry how much ammo left or puzzles to solve..

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