Thursday, 5 July 2007

My view on Brazil FC

As most of you would probably know by now,Copa America is going on right now in Venezuela. Being Brazil Fan, I have been keeping myself updated with their progress.

The Seleção has progressed to the quarter finals with a 1-0 win against Ecuador today morning. Brazil qualify for the next round as the 2nd placed team in group B with a total of 6 points,1 behind group winners Mexico. The defending champions were lacking their main stars like Ronaldinho and Kaka. With the both of them missing the squad, it seems more like the pressure has been put onto Robinho's shoulders. I still don't understand why Dunga is not using players like Cicinho,Juninho and Edmilson. These players have the quality to go and help the team retain the cup. The team seem to lack in the finishing department in front of the goal. The defense at times have been exposed to gaps and this proves to be great setback. At the time of this post, the Argies (which as much as i hate to admit) look more likely to be the favourites to lift the cup. I still have faith in Brazil to overturn their luck and form in the quarter finals. Coach Dunga has been promised the post till the next world cup so,it doesn't seem he is that pressured. Even so,the Brazil press and fans are always expecting the team to deliver so their performance here could be very important.
All in all,let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Robinho and Dunga posing the same way with different emotions :D

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