Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My update..

I realize that it has been a long time since i last updated this blog, for almost two weeks now.. I have been a little pre-occupied with the entire job - hunting and also with the fact that my "significant other" (dun say anything kashvini) came back for holidays after 11 months. I dun want to disclose any information about her as of this moment but it will come in the near future. While writing the past sentences,i also realized that i haven't really made a proper introduction of myself..

My name is Sasitaran Vasu. I am called Sasi. Im 24 this year and currently looking for a job after completing my degree program from University of Malaya. Frankly speaking this is the part where i really get confused during an interview. They always start off with describe yourself. I mean with so many things to say, you truly get lost with what u suppose to say and what you are suppose to omit out. I mean sure,i wouldn't be telling them personal details like what I ate in the morning n so on but after you say your name,age,education,brief family description and some of your interests which might be relevant to the job, what would be left to explain??
I used to get nervous when i go to interview but a wise senior of mine once said that " when you go to an interview, you got nothing to lose. You either get the job or you don't "
In more ways then 1, that sentence is very true. Shit happens but you don't waste time staring at it. You just move along or at least clear it up :P

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