Friday, 29 June 2007

My understanding on DiGi

By now,most of you guys would have seen the DiGi yellow man commercial on tv. It was made in conjuction to their promotion of DiGi:The Widest Coverage.For those who feel lost right about now, watch the video below :

The video was funny to say the least. It had a catchy tune and the darn yellow man was funny. It made people start looking out for a yellow man (that is assuming that they are a DiGi customer).This marketing gimmick can be considered a success cause everyone started talking about it,regardless of how they feel towards the yellow man (or yellow people cause i swear one of them yellows looked like a woman). DiGi came out with followups to the commercial with different versions as shown below:

However,the advertisement has ruffled some feathers with some Celcom users who also boast on having the widest coverage in Malaysia. 2 videos were made as a reply to the
DiGi yellow man:

I am reminded of the great brand wars of the American culture when i see this video. The rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi or even Nike and Adidas has been classic. This might start to get interesting everyone and it would be good to entertainment:D

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