Tuesday, 19 June 2007

My Say on Transformers..

2 posts in the span of 1 hour.. i guess that is a testament to how bored I am right now...

Transformers is coming out on the 28th of June. That is next week Thursday. I am sure as hell excited about the movie. I mean, Transformers was a part of my childhood. I have seen different versions of it including the dreaded Beast Machines. All the guys that i come across are all excited about the movie. However, there seems to be negative responses from the girls.. All the girls seem to dislike the movie completely. These are the same girls who have embraced most guy movies like the Superhero movies, Fast and Furious categorized movies and some others like the American Pie and so on. So,it is mind boggling as to why Transformers seems to be a difficult to be accepted.
A wise man once said to me that it would be easier to achieve impossible feats such as advanced A.I. or a bridge to the moon then to spend time understanding the female mind..
Anyway, Transformers.. 28th June.. don't forget to catch it.. WE GET TO WATCH IT BEFORE THE AMERICANS :D

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