Monday, 25 June 2007

My afternoon movie..

I watched an old movie. It was called "From Dusk Til Dawn". It wasn't an old movie per say but it was a good decade ago. I have never watched the movie but I was always interested in it. The movie had Quentin Taratino and George Clooney acting in it. The hot Salma Hayek has a part in the movie but it was more like an appearance than an acting part. Robert Rodriguez was the director of the movie. ( Spoilers ahead for people who haven't watch the movie like I was before today ) The movie started out slow. It showed the 2 protagonist as wanted criminals and they hijack a family with a motorhome. The group goes to Mexico where they stop at a supposed rendezvous point for the criminals. This is where all hell breaks loose and in every sense of the word. The bar in which our group stopped at, was a base of sorts for blood thirsty vampires. Honestly this was the biggest pulling factor for me. I have always been a big fan of vampire and werewolf movies that i have even watched crappy B-grade. Its the entire blood sucking that got me hooked into it. To me, that's fascinating :D

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