Thursday, 21 June 2007

My take on Karma..

Karma affects everyone. You don't have to be a Buddhist or Hindu to be bound to it. Everyone on the face of this planet is bound to it, one way or another. When I was a child, I never really believed in karma. Even though the moral teachers and Aesop fables that i grew up with repeatedly said that you should not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you or "Buat baik dibalas baik, Buat jahat jangan sekali", it still didn't hit me as something real or possible.

I started realizing in the power of Karma when I was in 2nd year of my degree. You see, I used to ridicule those who weren't from KL and how backward their hometown was when i was in my 1st year. 2 years later, I shifted to a place called Bangi which is not that well developed and, backward :)
Perhaps, the most notable karmic revenge that i got was my pimple scarred face. I used to tease a friend of mine who had a lot of pimples (i'm not gonna mention names here but he is a good friend of mine). Anyway, 2 years later... while i was on SPM break, pimples started appearing on my face like mushrooms after a storm.
Recently,I even had an instant backfire.. I was in Low Yatt Plaza (its the complex with all the IT gadgets and computer related items for all you non-PC savvy people). A guy was blocking the way to the escalator. He was standing blocking our way when it was clearly visible that a crowd was waiting for him to move away. I shouted out, " Woi, Move la..!!". To which the guy did..
Barely few hours later,i got the same thing from another person when i was about to leave the complex. I got to the bottom of the escalator and picked up my plastic bag because it was slipping out of my hand. Almost instantaneously, I heard a girl's voice from behind saying,"don't block the way...!"
Karma doesn't only see the bad thing that i do.. It sees the nice things as well..
I have always been a donor. I donate with what I have in my pocket.I also donate blood when i can though the last time caused me to faint. I am firm believer in donating time to help other people too.
In return, I enjoy a few perks in my life. For instance, I seem to always have some means to settle my financial needs when i urgently need it. It may not be proper one but a way is always visible for me to get out of trouble..
This are but a few of my experiences with karma...
Bottom line, Karma is a real Biatch.. Appeal to her good side and you will be justly rewarded.. :)

p.s. i wonder if i'll get punished for calling Karma a Biatch..? :)

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