Friday, 29 June 2007

My review..

I watched Transformers today. Having already posted some details about movie,I am not going into those details for now. The movie can be very easily described as a freaking good movie. When watches the movie, you can easily relate it to any other Michael Bay film where there is enough comedy to make you laugh, enough explosions to make you go "wahh" (at least in your heart), enough special effects to make u believe its real and also enough story (which is not much) to make everything flow seamlessly. The movie starts out with Optimus Prime narrating the existence of the Cube a.k.a. AllSpark and what it means to the Transformers from the distant planet called Cybertron. After that, the Transformers logo or title is displayed (much like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor). The movie's main characters are obviously the Transformers themselves. However,the human characters like Sam Witwicky and Mikaela do well to fill the gaps :) My fear earlier that this movie would be an emo-fied one was misplaced. While there were flashes of it, it really didn't become very integral to the plot. The battles between the robots were fabulous with missiles flying about and shockwaves used to dispatch the enemies. When the robots design first came out, I was skeptical but after watching it on the big screen, I can see why it was modified in such a way. The new design gave it a more realistic look and feel to all the Transformers.The transforming of every robot was seamless and smooth. I liked the fact that the old transforming sound from the cartoon days were retained. It felt nostalgic. I do however have a few disagreements.

1. While all the Autobots were colourful, the Decepticons were all in the same mundane colour. This baffles me as in the cartoon even Starscream was very colourful and only Megatron was single coloured.

2. Megatron and Starscream didn't get enough screen time. Don't get me wrong, I like the Autobots but the two most iconic Decepticons are (to my taste) not given enough lines or screen time. We only get to see the classic arguments between the evil leader Megatron and the power crazy Starscream in one very brief scene. Even that can't be considered as an arguement.

3. Megan Fox was hot. However, her acting had some room for improvement.Shia Lebouf acting was good and I clearly see why this guy is an upcoming star. He even got parts in the next Indiana Jones movie.

All in all, this is one heck of a movie and it is worth the money.


Veni Venusha said...

the captain of the us army stuck in Qatar is hotter than the Megan girl n he does not need room for improvement..

hehe ;P

giganaut said...

he didnt really have a meaty role 2 begin with la.. :)