Tuesday, 19 June 2007

My Football thoughts :P

Real Madrid has won their 30th league title this year. But the press kept on going how it was the their 1st title in 4 years. This case even happened in Manchester United's case. Let me clear a fact. When it comes to club football, I am neutral but my hatred towards Chelsea (post Abramovich) is putting my neutral status in jeopardy. Anyway, I don't understand how the Spanish and English press keeps stating that it is Real's and United's 1st title in 4 years. These clubs have won the title more than any other clubs in their respective leagues but the way its put into words makes it seem like 4 years is a long time.. I mean there other clubs that have not won the league in so many years but its not a big deal there.. Maybe both United and Real brought this onto themselves for being so successful in the past that their expected to win year after year. Personally, i thought Sevilla would spoil the fun for both Barca and Real at the last minute but hats off to Capello and his men for withstanding the enormous pressure and fightback for their vital win against Mallorca.. Life is boring currently for me.. I used to catch on some NBA action after the football season is over but now, even that is over with Spurs winning over the Cavaliers. I guess i'll just catch the Asian Cup for some good old competitive sport.. :D

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