Friday, 22 June 2007

My Friend's Speaker Search..

I met my friend Alvin today.He wanted to get new speakers so we set out to Low Yatt Plaza to get one. He seemed to have his mind set on a Sonic Gear Speakers called Armageddon ( the new orange version not the old blue one). Apparently a colleague of his recommended the speakers. This colleague was also a musician so naturally, he would know better. When it comes to PC speakers,i'd put my money on brands like Altec Lansing Or Edifier but i remained open about this model from Sonic Gear. We checked out the speaker and it was good. It was a 75 watt speaker with fancy orange light on the woofer and volume controller. The woofer packed some serious bass and my friend being techno enthusiast was naturally inclined to this speaker. However, the satellite speakers lacked clarity. I am not sure if it is affected by the sheer power of the woofer.

After checking out those speakers, i manage to convince him to check out the Edifier speakers,just to widen his options. We came across the Edifier model M3400. This model only had about 40 watt in it. The speaker had power in its bass and woofer but it was still lacking when compared to the Armageddon. However, the satellite speakers of the M3400 had better clarity and in the end that proved to be the deciding factor. The price was about the same so it was a good buy.

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